Our specialities


Pastel – Fried dough stuffed with meat, ha mor cheese. 


Quindim – Flan made with sugar, egg yolks and coconut.


Queijadinha – Dessert made with coconut, fresh cheese and condensed milk.


Cakes – Homemade cakes: carrot, banana, lemon, corn, chocolate, brownie and more.


Brigadeiro – Truffle made with condensed milk, butter and chocolate. Other flavors: vanilla, almond, pistachio, hazelnut, apricot and honey, coconut, lemon, coffee and more.


Coxinha – Croquette made with wheat flour and chicken broth, stuffed with chicken.


Picanha Sandwich – Sandwich stuffed with Picanha barbecue meat, Mayo, cheese and homemade salad.


Pudim - Condensed milk Flan


Barbecue – Brazilian barbecue served with rice, mandioc and salad.